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guitargeek wrote:All of my best stuff has been made of repairs

Beemer Dan wrote:And while most of the six billion people on the planet don't care if you've shaved your balls, it sure feels nice at speed on a warm Summer's day.

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DerGolgo wrote:Answer: A lifetime of humiliation has reduced me to be quite shameless.

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No life without coffee
Contribution to an ongoing discussion
by wheezy e

I did a month long diet experiment thing a while back, sort of a "cleanse" so to speak. I felt awesome, slept like a baby but also learned what i already knew, that life without a quality cup of coffee is no life at all. More akin to being undead than actually alive.
I had no idea the extent of the sacrifices our brave astronauts had to endure all these years. And honestly, uncovering the hidden workings of the universe, probing the mysteries of existence, time, life, consciousness.... what for if only to suffer such horror upon waking? I understand that life is about neither comfort nor convenience. If one is to live fully, to really accept the challenge that being human begs of us, one must put to the side all matters of physical desire - the Buddha said we must embrace our suffering, the Christ said to give no thought to what we shall eat or drink. But I say that nobody has ever truly gazed into the abyss, never fully considered the whole wieght of non-being and nothingness from which he came and shall return to realize the incredible joy and lightness of being that has not stared at his own face reflected from the black depths of a cup of french roast, raised it to his lips and felt full power of creation course through his veins.

Get some context and read the whole discussion.

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On hipster bike culture
An excerpt from an ongoing discussion.
by Beemer Dan

I'm right there with you guys when it comes to laughing at this new hipster biker circus, so I'll try not to be too much of hypocrite on this.

Cool and genuine are not mutually exclusive at all, but given time, they are absolutely jointly exhaustive. In a capitalist environment the two annihilate each other almost as soon as they pop into existence. Particle meet anti-particle, all you need are observers. Everyone wants to be cool and unique, they also want to be the "real deal", but in the wild that comes from convention and consensus rather than fundamental evaluation. In English; cool in a vacuum exists, but it only has meaning to the individual.

Yeah, I watched anime back when nobody else in the US seemed to know what it was. I thought it was cool, everyone else thought it was nerd fuel. Ok, the other few folks that I knew that introduced me to it and watched thought it was cool, but we weren't going to score any cool points or pussy wearing a Tank Police t-shirt. These days, even the poseurs know more about, and have watched more anime than I can hope to. It's gone crazy, viral, commercial, blah, blah, blah and all that shit. It's still cool (I'd argue much cooler than it was in the 80's), but I'm no longer unique having interest in it. That's cool by me, I'd rather see a bad Hollywood interpretation of good anime than another sequel to the dukes of hazard.

Similarly, I remember when the only reason to tape up your headlight was because you were racing the bike (helps to prevent shards all over the place when you crash), or because your headlight had a bad time staying on the bike. I remember when clubman bars were put on a bike to change the ride, not just the look. When a proper streetfighter got that way from crashing the plastic off. When ancient Buco helmets painted in sparkly orange and green stripes were the thing to wear because it was all Crazy Rob had in the basement and we were about to hit the highway in a couple feet of snow. Beards? Shit. Half of us had them because we were spending our hard earned nickels on bike bits and the other half found a way to shave regularly because looking too rough meant you couldn't find a job to get a handful of nickels to get bike stuff. Beard oil was something you got from your bike when working on it and jeans had holes because the road gave you a warning instead of torture.

Also, to say we're weren't living in our own little "the world might end tomorrow" fantasy would be a lie. A big, fat, bullshit lie. Just because we were living a group fantasy that wasn't mainstream doesn't mean it wasn't a fantasy. Taken out of their environment, superheroes are just grown adults with serious faces wearing underwear. Shit man, a Mad Max apocalyptic future sometimes seems a little kinder than the reality of growing old, fat, bald, plain, normal... Just another human turd circling the bowl of life. Give me a damn fantasy, something to believe, something that makes me feel like any if this means something. Give me a reason to keep on being me, even if that means wearing brightly colored underwear and claiming to be one of the good guys. Shit man, do you know how much it hurts to die? I once heard a man dying from a severe head injury. He screamed for hours. A cold, bone-chilling, nerve frying opera that makes nails on a chalkboard sound like Mozart. Fuck that shit still haunts my mind, probably always will. Fantasy is a drug, and when it's pure it's just enough to drown out those screams, that song that we'll all sing at the end. As much as you think you don't want to die, your body feels that a hundred fold more.

We need our fantasies. We need something to believe; a story, a song, a joyride, something. Some go for opiates, some for religion, some try hope. I like motorcycles, I bet you do as well. Religion isn't just something we believe, it's something we practice. It's something we do in the hopes that it'll somehow drown out that horrible screaming, and we've all got it ringing in our heads from something.

So back to this silly hipster-biker circus thing, it's cool. It's silly and getting awfully commercialized and absurd, but it's still better than it used to be. Who wants to go back the "biker" culture of a couple decades ago filled with illiterate, ignorant, outlaw wannabe, racist, sexist, over-the-top macho dumbasses who hated everything that wasn't a big Harley ( Sportsters were for girls and faggots, you faggot). We hated that shit. There wasn't anything cool about having a bunch of ignorant rednecks threatening to smash your bike because it wasn't from 'Merica. There was nothing cool about going into a "biker bar" and seeing a glass enclosed box with a noose and a knife in it with a sign that read "in case of niggers break glass". There will never, ever, be anything cool about listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd while drinking bud light and fucking your own sister. Fuck that old, shitty, stupid "biker" scene.

The hipster biker circus is ridiculous, but if you show up on a beat up Honda scooter painted pink and covered in rust, nobody really gives too much of a fuck. If you mention evolution in a conversation you won't get angry looks for being too intellectual. If you're not a white guy nobody gives a fuck. Sure, it's silly, pretentious and complete satire of itself, but that's what makes it so damn entertaining, so damn beautiful. Three hundred dollar denim vests, handmade artisan cheese shaped like socket wrenches, beard oil? Bring it fuckers. that shit is seriously goofball, but it isn't fueled by hate and ignorance. It's the spring of he new "biker" culture, and all of the ridiculously pretty flowers are in full bloom. The ones that smell like bullshit will die fast when the dog days roll in, so enjoy the absurdity while you can.

Lets just enjoy the silly fantasy, let's go to the circus (they'll even let OGs like us in for free). Soak in it and and enjoy it, it's entertaining as fuck. There will be plenty of time to bitch about it and try and build better when the winter comes. It's springtime in the biker culture, let's ride fuckers.

The full discussion

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