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Postby Rench » Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:13 am

(I was writing an email to someone I barely know when this all started coming out. Email deleted, board open, and where was I...)

Wanderlust is less a mood, a fleeting disorder of hormonal imbalance that will correct itself on the next cycle, and more a genetic pre-disposition. Even with the faltering alleles that led the first Neanderthals out of Africa or the first Polynesians into the water, you need more.

The word itself is romantic, the pioneer, the cowboy, the lone wolf with a heart of gold searching the wild for he knows not what. Cigarettes and heroin have a certain glamour too, which small cell lung cancer and track marks do not.

Not only does someone need a few errant nucleotides that were swapped down a thousand generations, but they need life experiences. A parent with a belt that makes a youth think "anywhere but here" so often it becomes a personal mantra. A family that moves so often that settling down feels like dying. A neighborhood with no safety, where the only security is escape. Like all genetics, it is an adaptation to circumstances. But like the warrior gene among others, no one knows how to turn it off once it's been brought to life.

Again, look past the dashing rake who walks away to his next adventure as the credits roll, and think of a regular suburban parent who starts getting cagey, cranky, trying to self medicate it away, but at some point has to give in and just *go.* Maybe for a weekend, maybe a week, maybe longer, trying to explain it to her children that it just has to happen for happiness, for sanity, for safety's sake. To continue the charade of normalcy, mommy (or daddy) has to exercise (sic) her demons.

Enter, your friend and mine, the motorcycle. We all love them for different reasons. Challenge, speed, design, mechanics, self-reliance, maybe a bit of the danger, too. But let's be honest, not all of us are long riders. Twisties, mountains, maybe a day or, gee, fine, 2 days to see some friends. But what about a 4 corner ride? How bout DC to San Fran with no plan but to make it last as long as possible? You're not any less of a rider to say "fuuuuuck that." Some people look at these as a logistical challenge, a test of will and prowess.

Others see a spoon and a needle.

I wonder, if those who feel the pull of the horizon, and lean on a motorcycle as their preferred conveyance, I wonder if its aversion therapy. Your two options are shitty time or utter exhaustion. There's not much in between. And by the time you come home from a week on a bike, any bike, you are well and truly ready to park the thing for a while. Not only are you satiated from the wandering, but you're sore, exhausted, and doubting your own sanity for ever having done it in the first place.

But it won't be long. A week, a month, a season. While everyone else's moods come and go, eventually, maybe based on tides and moon phases, you will cycle too, and you start to feel the pull again...

6m8d22h43m to Räg launch...
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Re: Wanderlust

Postby DerGolgo » Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:00 pm

Aaaand ... NotTheFrontPage.

Cabin fever gotcha? I mean, you do have the dominator-of-snow-and-ice in your garage ...
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