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Film Recommendation

Postby DerGolgo » Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:19 pm

Not sci-fi or nothing.
This must be the place
Staring Mr. Sean Penn.
It's a bit ... weird. Look up the plot in Wikipedia or wherever if you like, but nevermind that.
I usually prefer the plot-driven stuff, and this is not that.
But it's a darn good movie, with a pretty decent supporting cast, too. Including Judd Hirsch and Harry Dean Stanton.

It's the story of an aging British rockstar. His life is 100% regret. He's married to a firefighter and reconnects to his former rockstar life, apart from still wearing the clothes and makeup thirty years on, only when he lays flowers at the grave of a pair of suicidal fans of his. Failing as a matchmaker, he travels to America, to say goodbye to his father, a Jewish holocaust survivor from Poland who spent his life trying to track down one particular German war-criminal. With nothing better to do, he starts looking for that certain war-criminal, also. Along the way, he teaches some Michigan hicks the finer points of psychological warfare in ping-pong, meets the inventor of the suitcase-with-wheels and changes the oil on his borrowed pickup-truck so hard, it catches fire.
No, it's not a comedy, it's a drama. Shot in Britain and the US, written and directed by Italians and co-produced by the Italians, French and Irish.

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