On 2020/11/18, suspicions were expressed that there had been a data breach.
At least some DisMembers' login data may have been compromised.

As of April 14, 2021, no further breach or news thereof has become apparent. This message just looks different because anyone who was gonna read the whole thing presumably did by now.

Please see announcement in Forum Stuff for details, and for how to change your password.
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Because of an inundation with registrations from the spambot community, the automatic registration process has been disabled.

You can still register!

Head on over to our Contact Form and drop The Administerrerrerr a message.
Please put "Registration" in the subject line.
Introduce yourself. No CV needed, just a line or two to prove that you're not a fucking spambot.
Add your username of choice, and the administererrerr will happily register you manually.
You will be notified once your account has been registered, with a provisional password.
If that doesn't happen immediately, please don't despair, nor think the administerrerr doesn't like you. He's just got stuff to do, and because he lives in central Europe, that may just include sleeping. Anyone not obviously a spambot, nor obviously some other undesired miscreant, will be accepted and registered. The desired miscreant may, however, have to wait a day until the registration is completed.