Stealing speed graphic novel

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Stealing speed graphic novel

Post by xtian » Thu May 23, 2019 7:23 am

As mentioned on the fecesbook, I hope that it's ok to post it here too.

I have another box of the 194 pages hard cover "Stealing speed" comic book in english for sale.
(as seen here, ... phic-novel" onclick=";return false; )
UTMC special, you get a free 32 pages motorcycle artbook (value 16$), signed and numbered 1 to 100. The books will be dedicated by myself but not by Mat this time.

If interested, please email me your details at pazo @ (address, name for the dedication etc).

price of the book: 19£ = 25$
plus shipping to the USA 1 book = 15$
2 book = 30 $
3 -> 6 = 37 $
Other quantities/continents on request but basically 40$ for the comic book, the artbook and the shipping.
paypal (no expenses, choose "other") all the money goes back to Matt to pay for the printing.
Thanks !

I'm not really from around here.

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