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Regarding educated critique of the cineastic arts

Art, Music, Literature and other non-yogurty cultured things.
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Regarding educated critique of the cineastic arts

Post by DerGolgo » Mon Dec 21, 2020 1:28 pm

Being of the conviction that an lot of the DisMembers around here do not just enjoy movies, but enjoy good movies. And enjoy bad movies. And enjoy yapping about movies. And enjoy thinking about movies. And myself really having more time on my hands than is good for me, or for my ISP.
I thought I should recommend some youtube channels wherein which there is not just discussion of movies.
But exhaustive discussion of the important details about movies.

Like, what was the actor of the robot Box in Logan's Run doing when he didn't have to figure out how to walk as if the robot was on wheels?
Or what and how many video games were released based on the cartoon series "based" on the movie Beetlejuice?

The good Mister Oliver Harper herein provides exhaustively researched and detailed videos both describing all the aspects about the genesis, production, and cultural impact of movies ranging from respectable to what did I just watch?!
His back catalog is right here (clicky).

The former, meanwhile, comes from GoodBadFlicks (clicky).
They really do focus on the kind of fare I recall seeing either only at the video store, or at 2:30 AM on a Friday night/Saturday morning in the 90s, when the commercial broadcasters would unload the movies with very little general audience appeal that they had to buy packaged with the stuff for prime-time.
The videos on this channel are short, but information dense. In just 24 minutes, while I had considered myself slightly educated about Logan's Run before, I learned more about that movie and the story behind it etc. than I ever had known before.

Of course, none of that is nearly detailed enough, nor sufficiently concerned with what respectable critics would probably consider landmark movies. Is that even a thing? I needed some imagery/metaphor, and that's all that came to mind.
Which is why, I guess, there is Cinema Tyler (clicky).
His well, well researched series on the making of Apocalypse Now has blasted past the two hour mark, presented in 10 to 30 minute increments, some time ago. I count about 111 minutes on A Clockwork Orange, not to mention a profusion of videos about the work of one Stanley Kubrick, as well as related topics. Like this exploration of how private Pyle's final madness was composed by the actor.

If you're into shorter stuff, focusing on certain aspects of a movie, or a TV show, George Rockall-Schmidt (clicky) has recently adapted a new format. In his inimitable way, brought to you by Hip Tang - it's really not made from people anymore, he presents a certain look at a certain something, in just 2 to 3 minutes. His latest episode covers The Joy Of Painting, with all the friendly little trees and friendly little clouds.

Also less generalist, more focused on certain aspects of a movie, Lessons from the Screenplay(clicky) is usually very interesting, analyzing not just what we see in a film, but how the writing of the movie seeks and achieves certain effects, be they narrative, emotional, whatnot. Like how to set up some epic conflict.

If you prefer presentation that is fun, involves anthropomorphic coconuts, and you can tolerate the odd bit of thoughtless, gatekeeping bullshit (like his video on plotholes, which is bollocks), I don't think I even have to recommend Patrick (H) Willems (clicky).

I confess I subscribe to him mostly for the entertainment value, with the odd bit of interesting analysis of things I may or may not have seen.
Really, his video on plotholes is bollocks, though. This guy, who's work I confess I don't, provides an adequate counterpoint.

I just felt I should maybe share this stuff.
Really having an unreasonable amount of time on my hands, youtube is usually running in the background. As I would, I subscribe to 137 channels. Not all of which publish regularly, and yes, I do cull channels I don't really watch anymore.
If you're interested in something specific, feel free to hit me up for recommendations. My subscriptions range from stuff like this here to aerospace news, the history of the London underground station by station, to modern philosophy presented in interesting ways by solitary actors playing all the roles.

If there were absolutely anything to be afraid of, don't you think I would have worn pants?

I said I have a big stick.

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