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The new rules

If it happens on the track, this is where it belongs. Also, cheesesticks and perhaps things to do with bacon.
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calamari kid
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The new rules

Post by calamari kid » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:15 pm

So, whadda all of you knowledgeable folks think of the new rules in GP? This fellow seems to think good things are coming.

http://lanesplitter.jalopnik.com/these- ... 1742368351

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Re: The new rules

Post by xtian » Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:24 pm

Interesting read but - as a knowledgeable folk - I do not think it will change a lot of things.

- Less privileges for the non factory bikes. Duh, since when isn't Ducati a factory ? seriously. The fact that Dovi and ianone were super fast but never managed to win a race is an evidence that they could only compete thanks to the advantage that they choose to have by entering as a "privateer" team. So that will only make a natural 2 class race between honda/yamaha and the rest of the pack, unless Suzuki can become competitive and Ducati manages to find the extra endurance they need.
- tire change: new tires for everyone so it will not change a lot in the level of competition, except that the smarter/bigger companies (Honda-Yamaha) will adapt faster than the smaller structures. Michelin might be a french factory, they have factories in USA and Asia, just as bridgestone had factories in europe, asia and probably usa too, so I doubt that it makes any difference in the speed of response from the tyre manufacturer. Tyres are over efficient now anyway, does it make such a difference when the bikes are just laid down on their side in most corners. It's all about (common) electronics at this stage until they change the structural aspects of the bikes. The limits met at testing will soon be overshot by increased electronic management.
Maybe less electronics will give an advantage to riders with bigger balls and more experience (Marquez/Rossi) but this isn't dirt track. Electronics are the next major technical mojo, in cars already and in bikes soon, so they cannot just ignore any high tech development in racing electronics if they want to use the excuse that racing is useful to the development of general public bikes.

My conclusion as as powerfully knowledgeable folk is we'll see, it might be heroic to fight with leveled hardware, or it might just be a mary go round of yamaha's, but I won't be following another season of schoolgirls crying at each others.
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Re: The new rules

Post by guitargeek » Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:47 pm

I found it humorous.
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