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Bitch WORLD Land Speed Millyard!

If it happens on the track, this is where it belongs. Also, cheesesticks and perhaps things to do with bacon.
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Bitch WORLD Land Speed Millyard!

Post by DerGolgo » Sun Aug 06, 2023 10:03 am

No, the title kinda says it, don't it.
Dr. Frankenwrench himself puts the Viper bike to good use. Iirc, he built that for a sponsor, and while putting that kind of engine on two wheels and making it controllable etc. is a great achievement, to my mind, the sponsorship aspect taints it just a little. Wasn't built for the love of the game.

But no more! It is redeemed!
The Viper bike is now officially a WORLD LAND SPEED RECORD BIKE!
Turns out the ever so motorsports obsessed limeys decided theirs should be the record for... motorcycle with rider and pillion!!

Well, the category exists, the hugemongous bike exists, and the guy puts the two together. Three, if you count the pillion.

I surmise that, while perhaps not having the top speed that the number of horseponies might suggest, even with the speedier gearmongering the Millyard seems to have put in, it can still go as fast as many much smaller bikes, kilo racers and 'busas and things - but unlike them struggling weenie bikes, the bolide impact torque of that Widget of Monstrous Displacement, aka Dodge V10, lets it do its maximum speed with one, two, however many people riding bitch. And instead of a boring old streamliner fairing, they can even bring along a bit of a beer belly!

Why is this not in ¡Very Custom!:
Because it's not about the custom fabricating and enginerding going on. This one is about prepping for and running the record attempt, and that stuff goes hence, not whence.

If there were absolutely anything to be afraid of, don't you think I would have worn pants?

I said I have a big stick.

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