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Pissing off 1%ers

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Pissing off 1%ers

Post by Mk3 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:15 pm

Pissing off two 1%ers on Sturgis weekend....priceless

A couple patched up vest wearing HAs walked into the bar in Deadwood where I was having dinner, I got up, walked to the front desk, asked for my food to go vs dine in, and to pay.
The manager asked why (I'm dressed for work, so business attire) I suddenly wanted to leave.

I said "I'm not interested in dining in a place that serves domestic terrorists" (inner laughter at UTMC dismemberment).
Mgr: Oh, well it's the rally, so they're pretty much everywhere
Me: That's fine, I don't think I'll be back though. They're your clientele, and that's your business. I'd like to pay for my food and be on my way.
Mgr: Well, they shouldn't be wearing their colors, I can ask them to take them off.
Me: I wouldn't bother I'm leaving anyway.
Mgr [walks over to HAs] disgruntled looks come my way, and then so do three people.
Me: [inner voice 'fuck it, too late now, gonna go for it']
HA who is apparently the broiest, since he's allowed to speak: Why you gotta give this guy shit, we're just here for food?
HA silent bob: [frowns]
Me: And I didn't bother you, I asked for my check and my order, and then I'll go
HA broiest: Why don't you just go instead
Mgr: turns pale
Me: No thank you, I've placed an order, and I intend to get my food, pay, and leave
HA broiest: What's your fucking deal
HA silent bob: [frowns a frownier frown]
Me: [raises eyebrow and stares quizzically at HA broiest}
HA broiest: You think we shouldn't get service because of our colors?
Me: I think I don't want to dine in the same establishment as members of a nationwide crime syndicate [inner me 'used syndicate in a sentence today, 2 points!']
HA broiest: Fuck you, get your food and get the fuck out of here [turns and walks back to table pouting]
HA silent bob: [does 1980's movie "bad kid" head thrust and then goes back to table, also pouting]
Mgr: looks about to puke
Me: I won't be back, and as is necessary (actually a requirement, not my rule), will report my encounter to our travel office for future hotel and dining reservation purposes

And as I waited FOR THE NEXT 15 MINUTES FOR A DAMN REUBEN, I looked as smug as I could manage, sipping my water while the sleeveless patchy kids scowled, looked my way, pouted, and scowled.
I'm glad it didn't end with police involvement, but admittedly a little disappointed.

I was considering walking through Sturgis on Thursday, since I'm here, (it's actually where you get onto the interstate from Deadwood) and it would seem a shame not to. I thought the moco might even have their beta model cylon on display. Now I don't think I'm inclined to even give that much of a shit.

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