32nd Annual BMOA Rallye, Lake Somerville, TX 5/13-5/15

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32nd Annual BMOA Rallye, Lake Somerville, TX 5/13-5/15

Post by jae » Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:46 pm

Hey guys, thought I'd throw this out there. My club here in Houston (British Motorcycle Owner's Association) is hosting our annual "rallye" coming up in May. While we are a British club, we welcome riders of all makes and models. In addition to our usual Saturday field events (dirt drags, board ride, clothes pin race, barrel push, etc), we're adding sidecar-specific events to our field events, such as barrel racing, which should make for some interesting action.

The rally will be held at Lake Somerville, TX (near Brenham) on Friday May 13 - Sunday May 15. It's usually a ton of fun, and if the water level of the lake cooperates there should be a bit of an area where we can play around off-road on the lake bed.

If interested in more information, or to register, visit our website: http://www.bmoaonline.com/rallye.html


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