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Post by DerGolgo » Sun Nov 01, 2020 2:24 pm

The Covidiots are not giving up.

In Karlsruhe, the city had made it a requirement for their rally that all participants must be masked, and anyone unmasked would get in trouble, while if it appeared that the organizers were not enforcing the masking requirement at all, the whole rally would be ended and dispersed.
They went to court, with an urgent thingy leaving the city administration little or no time to appeal any decision.

And the court did decide in their favor. The mask requirement was declared unnecessary. Because, so long as everyone socially distanced, they wouldn't also need masks.
I'm pretty sure drawing up the legal stuff to require enforcement of social distancing didn't work out in time.

Meanwhile, in Munich, the court decided, yes, they do have to mask.
And here, I must grant credit where it's due. The covidiots got clever. The protest rally was cancelled.
However, all of a sudden, the exact same people who had arranged the rally, they were having a church service. Outdoor, at the same place and time the rally should have been. With a sermon about the same stuff the protest rally would have been about.

Unlike protest rallies, which may present a danger to public order and may therefore be regulated, church services are considered a-priori benign. No legal ground to tell worshippers what they should be doing.

Munich is in Bavaria. Laws apply to other german states, not to Bavaria. The other german states exist to wipe Bavaria's arse, while the federal kitty is an ATM for Bavaria to help themselves. An unnerving number of Bavarians call their sister "mummy", and Bavarian men make livestock nervous. God fearin' people, obviously.
No Bavarian politician is going to touch that church-service exemption from regulations that apply to any other public event with a ten foot pole. Not even if his sister-mummy promises to do butt stuff with the goat tonight.

If there were absolutely anything to be afraid of, don't you think I would have worn pants?

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Post by Pintgudge » Sun Nov 01, 2020 5:58 pm

Xtian, I am so very sorry to hear of your mom-in-law. Sha sounds like she was tough and didn't take any guff. But, see, nobody is immune.
I always have liked science fiction and the post apocalyptic stories were always right up there for me. Here we are.
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Post by red » Mon Nov 02, 2020 5:08 am

xtian wrote:
Sun Nov 01, 2020 1:17 pm
well there you go. On Tuesday my mother in law was pronounced positive but asymptomatic. Friday she began to develop symptoms, Saturday a nurse phoned suggesting that her daughter should visit her, for what sounded like a farewell visit. today, sunday, 3pm my GF came home from the hospital saying that her mother was ok except for some minor breathing difficulties, in a bad mood, and complaining, but as long as she complain she's ok and the chief nurse said she was in no way at the end of her life. by 8.30 she got the phone call that her mother was dead. that was incredibly brutal.
if you think masks are for sheeps and waving a flag or a gun or eating red meat will make you stronger than that woman who had been having vodka for breakfast and fed on left over food for the last 20 years and still died in 5 hours, fuck you in the ass with a rusting fork. that's all.
Jesus.... I'm sorry for your loss. That is really fucking brutal. At the risk of sounding rude, did she wear a mask or take other precautions? Have you and the GF been tested? My Mom had a possible exposure at work, so far she's negative.
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Post by xtian » Mon Nov 02, 2020 1:04 pm

Thanks. She had been in an institution for several month, to recover from her, let's say,* nonchalant * way of life. she got infected there, we don't know how, there were only 3 infected patients. I haven't seen her for a long time as visits were restricted and my GF wore all the necessary equipment when she visited her. She got tested a few weeks ago, but there are not enough tests out there so the system here is that tests are limited to people with syndromes. No syndromes, no test, you just get a 10 days quarantine (that we almost all experienced once already). she gets her temperature tested every morning at work. so we're not too worried.
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Post by boz » Thu Nov 12, 2020 12:44 pm

Sorry xtian. Man, that sucks. Feeling for you and especially your girl.

My mother was in New York for her 70th birthday the week of March 12th despite my protests. It freaked me out that she was barely abiding by the rules but mind you that was early and *many* people didn't care one way or the other about masks. I became symptomatic March 18th with covid and I essentially thought I might have been my mother's executioner. Luckily she was asymptomatic but did in fact get exposed to covid by someone, somewhere along her new york galivants.

New York is now preparing to start shuttering businesses early again and a curfew is on the horizon. Wave II, ¿k pasa?
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Post by DerGolgo » Sun Nov 15, 2020 3:37 pm


That's the confirmed cases in my town. More than one in a hundred people who live here have been tested positive.
2020-11-16 00_26_42-Corona Zahlen für Bochum - aktuelle COVID-19 Statistik - Waterfox Classic.png
The infection rate has stopped climbing like a rocketship. I have the impression we may have reached the rate of new infections per 7 days that is "sustainable" with the measures and with what care people are taking.

It has been a long time since last I saw anyone over the age of three or so without a mask on a tram or in a grocery store. I think that may have finally sunk in. I fear, however, that vast number of new infections might just prove that it sank in too late.

Curiously, Saturday was the first time since March that anyone asked to see my ticket while I was on a mass transit conveyance.
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If there were absolutely anything to be afraid of, don't you think I would have worn pants?

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