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Happy 2022!

Motorcycle news mah Brothahs and Sistahs! Read on or post your own.
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Happy 2022!

Post by Bigshankhank » Fri Dec 31, 2021 9:36 pm

Look its time we face the facts. We are going into this New Year in rough condition, down an entire Betty White which I don't have to tell you is not something we've had to face for like almost a hundred years. But we are going to come out on top of it, time moves forward and so shall we.
Keep your heads on swivels and your masks over your nose and mouth.
Happy New Year.

It's time for Humankind to ditch the imaginary friends of our species' childhood and grow the fuck up.

"Lasse mich deine Seele dem Herrscher der Finsternis opfern"

Let me sacrifice your soul to the ruler of darkness

Always carry a bottle of whiskey when you travel in case of a snakebite. Futhermore, always carry a small snake.

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Re: Happy 2022!

Post by DerGolgo » Sat Jan 01, 2022 4:00 am

Dang. First I hear of it. Dec 31. Three weeks before the full century. 2021 would have its pound of flesh, like it did so many pounds before, actually.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Perhaps we will see the end of the tunnel this year, but we cannot count on it, we cannot get complacent. If the ongoing mess has taught us anything, it's that we cannot get complacent. Mask. Distance. Wash/disinfect everything.

I doubt we will see the end of it in 2022. If we stay vigilant, and if vaccine technology continues to progress at the Manhattan-Project speed it has, we might see the end of the tunnel. In the distance.
there is some cause for optimism beyond the 'rona
Last I heard, India has approved a new vaccine that is based on proteins. Just the spike-proteins that make the 'rone the 'rona. Developed in Texas, as it happens, and storable at regular refrigerator temperatures.
I heard a virologist speculate that omikron suggests we might soon see the 'rona mutate into a less-lethal, endemic form. With annual shots, like for influenza, and neither as lethal nor as infectious as the present variants.
Once we reach that stage, that less lethal stage, we will still has what feels like decades of vaccine research that got crammed into a few years, and we will have massive vaccine laboratories that will need other/more stuff to work on.
There already are vaccines against some forms of cancer. Who knows what bane of human existence we may see eradicated over the next ten years or so.
If there were absolutely anything to be afraid of, don't you think I would have worn pants?

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Re: Happy 2022!

Post by Jaeger » Mon Jan 03, 2022 12:13 pm

Happy New Year, indeed! The Betty White bit was a low blow, even for such a shit year as '21. We spent it hunkered down here at home 'cause DC and surrounds is going into 'unofficial high alert' for anyone paying attention.

That said, today's NYT The Daily presents an interesting picture re Omicron. Check it out if you've the time/inclination: ... ation.html

In short, Omicron might help burn out COVID. It'll likely suck in the interim but it'll go faster. Doesn't get you as sick, especially if you have the shot, and it conveys superior immunity against Delta (which is more lethal but quite as infectious and doesn't convey as good immunity).

Godspeed, Miss Betty. You were one the last true class acts that most everyone could agree on. :mrgreen:

Bigshankhank wrote:The world is a fucking wreck, but there is still sunshine in some places. Go outside and look for it.
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Re: Happy 2022!

Post by problemaddict » Tue Jan 18, 2022 12:12 pm

Ever forwards; press on regardless; and all that happy horseshit 😉
For 2022 I'm going to try to stay away from the facetubes as much as possible, so hopefully you'll be seeing me check in here more often.
Stay safe y'all!

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