Survey Says...

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Survey Says...

Post by 12ci » Thu Aug 01, 2019 5:11 pm

...well, actually, "focus groups"...

Note: I haven't followed the link and read the report in detail yet, (just got the press release) but wanted to share this with all y'all.
the Governors Highway Safety Association released a report on “Motorcyclists’ Attitudes on Using High-Visibility Gear to Improve Conspicuity.” Needless to say, the conclusions listed below by this taxpayer-funded study can be filed under the category of obvious and predictable.

Eighteen focus groups with 137 motorcycle riders in California, Maryland, Michigan, and Texas were conducted to explore motorcyclists’ attitudes toward wearing high-visibility gear to increase conspicuity. In most groups, only one or two participants said they regularly wear high visibility gear.

Based on the focus group discussions, several factors emerged as barriers to motorcyclists’ use of high-visibility gear. The most important involves the appearance of the high-visibility gear. It is judged as unappealing by some riders, and many riders are concerned that the look or style of the gear does not fit in with their riding culture. These factors work against the acceptance of high-visibility gear, even though many riders believe such gear may be effective for increasing conspicuity. Many participants thought that motorcycle-riding culture would have to change for riders to adopt high-visibility gear, due to the association of novice riders and older riders with high-visibility gear.

Another barrier to the use of high-visibility gear is riders’ skepticism that high-visibility apparel provides enough of a safety benefit to warrant its use and cost. Evidence that demonstrates the safety benefits of high-visibility gear is important to convincing motorcyclists they would personally benefit from using it.

In addition to adverse feelings about high-visibility gear itself, many participants expressed the belief that high-visibility gear would not improve safety, largely because of the perception that motorists are distracted anyway. In fact, several participants suggested that the onus should be on drivers to look for motorcyclists.

If you are interested, you can find the full 81-page report by clicking HERE

So, average group size of 7.6 riders, and "one or two" in "most" groups routinely wear hi-viz...thats likely in excess of 10% of the participants, and likely more, percentage-wise.

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Re: Survey Says...

Post by guitargeek » Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:28 am

So Japanese motorcycle graphic designers had it right in the 1990s?

Gayly-colored livery just doesn't *look* cool.

Black being the preferred color for Bad Ass Bikers, and given that black retro-reflective paint exists, then that should be the OEM standard paint for Bad Ass Bikes.

At least it's visible at night.

As for daytime use... well... maybe tons of chrome is the answer.

Mk3, did you notice being noticed on that shiny, shiny V-Rod?
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Re: Survey Says...

Post by DerGolgo » Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:35 am

guitargeek wrote:
Mk3, did you notice being noticed on that shiny, shiny V-Rod?
I'd bet he got noticed plenty just for doing the Macarena at 60 mph...
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Re: Survey Says...

Post by Mk3 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:32 pm

I was going way faster than 60, and my choreography is far more diverse than just the macherena; thriller happened too, but I'm most proud of the cha cha slide--possibly the squiddiest thing I've ever done.

I know there have been numerous times I wasn't noticed despite being in a hi-vis jacket, but the trouble is proving the negative. I can't validate how many folks did or did not see me due to the high vis. The idea that it's more expensive is horseshit.

As for the chrome bratwurst, I think it was less visible because it was so low to the ground vs the Uselysses. being lower than the door of typical suburban assault vehicles is not great. Plus the height of the Uly makes it easier to punch out mirrors when somebody tries to send you off the road.
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Re: Survey Says...

Post by Aggroton » Fri Oct 04, 2019 12:07 pm

We are invisible.
thats a sweet bike.

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