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DevilHunter project: Volteon SESB

Discussion for the Akira Powerbike Page.
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DevilHunter project: Volteon SESB

Post by DevilHunter » Sun Jul 31, 2005 9:19 pm

Wow man that sucks, I am new to this site infact this is my first reply. I'm working on something "TOP SECRET" and I'm affraid of it getting stolen I;m also looking for a partner to get this project rolling, literaly! so far I have the design and a 1/10 scale prototype I call it the Volteon SESB ( Super Electric Street Bike) I need someone with experience in the electric motor field and electronics this Bike I have designed has many unique features for example it has no handle bars nor a steering wheel, however there are controls to steer it. I also figured out the self stabilizing system and like you design it is all wheel drive both wheels will house electric motors. I have pretty much everything planned out, I've been working on this bike design since 1999 and I think its time to get it on the road but like I said I need help.

P.S. RoKit_Armor if you can help please feel free to email me

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Posted: Mon 01 Aug 2005, 3:36 pm
:shock: That is Hot, the Akira powerbike. this goes to show that anything is possible all it needs is a bigger badder engine to go with the looks. I can't get over it, its a Hot looking bike. Wassup all I am new to this post, I wish I knew about this earlier, I'm into anything that goes fast, two or four even three I don't care I love speed. I am an ametuer inventor I have been working on a bike for some time now, and I am looking for some help its an electric bike( breaking away from tradition, but lets face its the future), everything is thought out, scetched out and planned i even have a 1/10 scale model I just don't have the place to start building nor the equipment. and its almsot impossible to find some like minded people in New York. Well, to put it in short I need a fabricator, with his own shop. does anyone know of a good chassis fabricator in New York ?


Posted: Tue 02 Aug 2005, 7:04 pm
Inventors, Innovators, Hobbyist anyone who is into breaking away from tradition and loves to think out side the box is wanted.
Hello all of you who have great ideas . My Name is Jeff I am a amateur inventor but I preferred to be call an Innovator. I am trying to establish a new forum on the UTMC site for people who have new bike design concepts, alternative methods of locomotion i.e. electric or hybrid motors and would love to see their idea come to life by making connections with like minded individuals, connections with fabricators and engineers, bike shop owners and so forth. maybe even forge partnerships. I must admit I was inspired by the AKIRA Bike. When I saw that, that just proved anything is possible I have a new concept that I have been working on and I am determine to make it a reality this is why I want to start this Forum to make these connections. If you are interested email blackjoe. He is the man that can get it started, Thanks

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Post by bndgkmf » Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:40 am

Sooooooooooooooooo...how'd that work out?

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